Reno’s Economy Boosted by Drone Entrepreneurs

rowStartup Row, Reno’s newest strip of high-tech companies, fosters entrepreneurs whom develop software and manufacture drones. Tour one of the offices and you’ll think you’ve walked into somewhere in Cupertino rather than Northern Nevada. The FAA sanctioned UAS test site, along with location, low taxes, and sparse regulations, have transformed Reno into a hub for modern drone entrepreneurs.

Workers with a solid education background and talented skillset will be required to power Reno’s emerging drone industry. That’s why the University of Nevada, Reno partnered with an Australian drone company, and opened a research facility in downtown Reno. “The university is starting to work with Mr. Mike Kazmierski, president of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, to make sure students are trained in specific skills or even the languages needed by companies looking to settle in Reno.” – Dionne Searcey, NY Times

Eliminating the stigma of being the “second-tier Vegas” is something city officials are working on diligently. Drones are playing a major role in making that vision a reality.

Content from this post came courtesy of the NY Times article Reno Rolls the Dice on High-Tech.