Following on the huge popularity of last year’s workshop, the second annual UAS Mapping Reno workshop for small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) will be held on Monday, September 28th at the Eldorado hotel. The workshop begins at 8:30 AM and concludes at 5:00 PM. The registration fee is $95 and includes lunch.

The workshop is aimed at providing prospective sUAS mapping users a very practical overview of the hardware and software components that comprise a metric data collection and processing system. The workshop will address topics such as:

  • An overview of sUAS hardware
  • Camera technology
  • Safety
  • Project geometric control and accuracy
  • Mission Planning
  • Flying a mission
  • Post-flight QC
  • Data processing
  • Data exploitation 

Participants will be provided trial licenses of data processing and exploitation software as well as sample data sets. These licenses will be valid for several weeks following the event, allowing users to practice the techniques learned in the workshop.

Rather than a generalized approach to the topics, the workshop will use concrete examples of hardware and software. A realization of the PX4 autopilot and associated Mission Planner software will be presented as the control system. Discussions of GNSS hardware will cover current sUAS positioning products on the market. The software processing workflows will employ ubiquitous point cloud generation tools such as Pix4D and PhotoScan. At the conclusion of the day, participants will have the answers to questions such as:

  • Are my projects suitable for sUAS mapping?
  • Which is better – fixed wing or rotorcraft?
  • How do I safely operate an sUAS?
  • Does camera type matter?
  • Can I achieve my accuracy target with sUAS technology?
  • What are the options for geometrically controlling a project?
  • What software suite is required to obtain my desired products?

Please join us for this fast paced, informative session. Register Here.