Exhibitor Registration

Date, Time, Location

September 29-30, 2015

Symposium Venueballroom_outside

The Reno Ballroom

401 N. Center Street

Reno, Nevada 89501


The Reno Ballroom is a non-gaming 32,700 square foot facility in downtown Reno, NV. The facility offers street level drive-in freight access. Wireless internet is available throughout the facility.

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Symposium Hoteleldorado


345 N Virginia Street

Reno, Nevada 89501


Who Will Attend the Symposiumexhibitor1

UAS MAPPING 2015 RENO symposium attendees will primarily come from the United States. Attendees will include:

  • Companies with UAS interests and business plans
  • Government agencies interested and involved in UAS technologies
  • Government agencies driving the implementation of UAS policy
  • UAS companies- software, hardware, system developers
  • Academia and research institutions
  • The geospatial community that will likely work with these technologies in the future
  • UAS enthusiasts

Exhibit Space Description and Cost

Current Exhibitors:

#100 – AUVSI
#101 – AirGon
#102 – GISCafe
#103 – Penn State
#104 – Aerial Technology International
#105 – Cardinal Systems
#106 – Trimble
#108 – Applanix
#109- Aerotestra
#110 – Skyline
#111 – George Erio and Andy Daniels
#112 – PreNav
#113 – PCI Geomatics
#114 – Pond Medics
#115 – Pix4D
#200 – Topcon
#201 – ESRI
#202 – LizardTech
#204 – GeoWing Mapping Inc.
#205 – BayesMap Solutions LLC
#207 – Field of View LLC
#208 – xyHt
#209 – Alluxa
#210 – Micro Aerial Projects LLC
#211 – True Reality Geospatial Solutions, LLC
#212 – Sensefly
#213 – Velodyne
#214 – DAT/EM
#300 – Keystone Aerial Surveys
#301, 303 – UASUSA
#302 – Kespry
#304 – NovAtel
#305 – SmartPlanes
#306 – Unmanned Systems Canada
#307 – PTFS
#308 – Quest Innovations
#309 – AboveNV
#310 – Liteye Systems
#312 – Headwall Photonics
#313 – Precision Hawk
#315 – Simactive
#317 – Unmanned Experts
#501 – Altavian
#502 – Hexagon Geospatial
#503 – Drone Deploy
#504 – Mapbox
#505 – GITA
#506 – U.S. Forest Service
#507, 508 – Altus UAS / Blue-Chip Unmanned Aerial Solutions
#615 – Kitware
#617 – American Aerospace

Exhibits will be in the same room as the breaks, sponsored meals and sponsored networking social. The exhibit hall is located between the Entrance Foyer and the General Session space – in the heart of the action. An agenda outline is included in this brochure.ASPRS 2015 Floor Plan

EXHIBIT BOOTHS – cost $700 (includes TWO full registrations)

exhibitor3Exhibitors will be provided an 8’ x 10’ exhibit booth. Each booth will consist of:

  • 8’ high backwall and 3’ high sidewalls draped
  • 7” x 44” one-line ID sign
  • 1 – 6’ skirted table
  • 2 – side chairs
  • 1 – wastebasket
  • 1 – 500 watt electrical outlet

Exhibitors requesting larger spaces will be accommodated as space permits and at additional cost, contact the organizers at asprs.norcal@gmail.com. Exhibitors needing additional furniture and/or equipment at the booth can be accommodated with the symposium decorating firm, Freeman (775-355-4625).

TABLE-TOP EXHIBITING – cost $550 (includes ONE registration)

ASPRS will provide several 8’ draped tables in the exhibit hall which will be shared by multiple firms who wish to exhibit their products and services but who do not require a booth. Each 8’ table will be shared by 2-3 exhibitors.


ASPRS will provide a 1000 square foot lounge area with tables available for distribution of white papers, brochures and other reading materials for attendees to pick up and take with them and/or sit in the lounge and read.


Wireless internet is available throughout the symposium venue.


Thursday, October 1, 2015 is available for workshops and/or user group meetings in the Eldorado (symposium hotel). Meeting rooms are available.


Anytime between Noon – 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 28, 2015

Location: Drive-up access to the Reno Ballroom, 401 N. Center Street


5:30 pm – 8:00 pm on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Optional tear-down: 8:00 am – Noon on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reserving Your Exhibit Space

We offer two methods of reserving your exhibit space:


Step 1: Click on the Conference Registration link.

This will allow you the ability to pay for your booth or table-top display using credit card and enter your registrant information. Booth exhibitors will be able to enter up to two registrants. Table-top exhibitors will be able to enter one registrant.

Note: The online registration has an option for receipt of an invoice and/or payment by check. Credit card and online processing fees will apply.

Step 2: You will be contacted by ASPRS (asprs.norcal@gmail.com) to obtain information about your preferred booth location.


Step 1: Complete the attached UAS MAPPING 2015 EXHIBITOR FORM. Submit the forms along with check payment as directed within the Exhibitor Agreement. Booth exhibitors will be able to enter up to two registrants. Table-top exhibitors will be able to enter one registrant. Booth preference will be indicated by you on the Exhibitor Agreement form. Send application form along with check to ASPRS, Attention: Heather Staverman, 5410 Grosvenor Lane, Suite 210, Bethesda, MD 20814.

Step 2: You will be contacted by ASPRS (asprs.norcal@gmail.com) to confirm receipt of payment and confirmation of booth assignment.


Exhibitors shipping packages that can be handled by 1-2 people can utilize the Silver Legacy Business Center for receipt and holding of symposium booth materials and smaller booth crates. The materials can also be delivered to your booth in the Reno Ballroom on the morning of Monday 9/28 for an additional reasonable fee. Shipping/Handling prices for the Silver Legacy Business Center are found in this Business Center Price Guide.

The Silver Legacy Business Center can also handle return shipment from the symposium.

Payment for shipment to and shipment from the symposium should be coordinated directly with the Silver Legacy Business Center. Please call and/or email to confirm your payment method and arrange for the receipt of shipment and/or the return shipment.

Silver Legacy Business Center
407 N Virginia Street
Reno, NV. 89501
775-325-7474 – fax

Shipment Process:
(1) Package and weigh your materials.
(2) Call (or email) the Silver Legacy Business Center and tell them the weight and arrange for payment.
(3) Ship materials to the Silver Legacy Business Center using the information on the label as instructed on the Business Center Price Guide (includes booth number).
(4) In Reno – on Monday 9/28 you can pick up your materials from the Business Center and take them across the street to the Reno Ballroom (no charge) or the Business Center will deliver the materials to your booth within the ballroom on the morning of Monday 9/28 for a small reasonable fee.
(5) At the conclusion of the symposium, coordinate directly with the Business Center to arrange for return shipment and payment.


Shipment of booths and materials that are larger than 1-2 people can handle (large crates and/or skidded crates) will need to be shipped and handled using services provided by Freeman. Please download the Exhibitor Kit provided by Freeman for further instructions (beginning on Page 48 under Freeman Material Handling). You are encouraged to contact Freeman directly for specialized services at 775-355-4600.


Please visit the Freeman website and/or call Freeman at 775-355-4600.

Contact us with questions on exhibitor registration: asprs.norcal@gmail.com