Nevada Gets a Head Start on Drone Technology

nevadaheadstartThe state of Nevada has a head start over most areas in the country. The expected $900 billion dollar UAS industry could create thousands of jobs.

“David Strohm is the director of operations for Sensurion. The company makes unmanned-aerial vehicles or UAV’s, commonly referred to as drones. The unmanned-aerial system is the natural evolution, and we have to embrace it,” Strohm said, “Detect and avoid is something the FAA wants.”

Dozens of companies have already lined up to participate in testing for the FAA and hundreds more are interested. “The goal is to make Nevada the cornerstone of the UAV industry, and we are well on our way to doing that,” said James Fleitz from Bowhead.

The ASPRS UAS Technical Symposium and Demonstration  is a UAS conference that will integrate an FAA designated test site into its program.

Story and Photo Courtesy of  sUAS News