View 70+ Companies that are Participating at UAS MAPPING 2014 RENO!

ASPRSLeaders from UAS, geospatial, government, academia, and the media are presenting, exhibiting, and generously sponsoring at the ASPRS UAS Symposium in Reno. View the over 70 companies who are participating at UAS MAPPING 2014 RENO!


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Towill Inc: Surveying, Mapping and GIS Needs
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GeoCue: Sensor Workflow Solutions, Small UAS Mapping, Point Cloud Information Extraction
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xyHt: Positioning and Measurement, Elevated
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Altavian: Precisely Different
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Riegl USA: Building Systems, Delivering Performance
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Airware: Hardware, Software, and Cloud Services for Drones
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ESRI: A Comprehensive Platform for All Your Imagery Needs
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Velodyne: High Definition LiDAR
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Aeryon Labs: Defining the Standards of sUAS Flight Performance, Reliability and Ease-of-Use
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Woolpert: Providing Client-Focused Solutions for Matters Including Engineering, Architecture, and Design
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Apogeo Spatial: Elevating Global Awareness
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AUVSI: Up-to-Date on the Latest Trends in the Unmanned Systems and Robotics World
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Directions Magazine: All Things Location
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GISCafe: The Leading GIS Portal
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GITA: Facilitate the Delivery of High Quality and Ongoing Education and Engagement Opportunities for Professionals in the Geospatial Industry
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Sensors and Systems: Making Sense of Global Change
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Society of American Foresters: Growing Better All the Time
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sUAS News: The Voice of the Unmanned Systems Community
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Exhibitors and Speakers

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3D Robotics
Aerial Services Inc.
Aerial Technology International
Aerospace Corp.
Aeryon Labs Inc.
Airware Inc.
American Aerospace Advisors Inc.
BAE Systems
Big Idea Group Inc.
DATEM Systems International
Digital Results Group
Drone Analyst
Drone Deploy
Field Of View
GeoCue Corp.
George Erio/Andy Daniels
GIS Cafe
iPhone Drone Imagery
Keystone Aerial Surveys
Micro Aerial Projects
McKim & Creed
Multirotor Service-Drone
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
National Institute of Advanced Studies
Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems
Nixon Peabody LLP
Northern Nevada Development Authority
Orbit Logic
Phase One Industrial
Penn State University
Phoenix Aerial Systems
POMS & Associates
Public Science League
Quantum Spatial
Reno-Stead Airport
SBG Systems
Silent Falcon
Skyward .io
Surefire LLC
sUAS News
Terrapan Labs
Towill Inc.
University of Georgia
Unmanned Systems Canada
U.S. Forest Service


UAS Industry Leaders Participating in UAS MAPPING 2014 RENO

Reno, NV – The first UAS technical symposium sponsored by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) announces that industry leaders in the UAS commercial industry are onboard for UAS MAPPING 2014 RENO!

The technical program has been designed to provide practical information on sensor types and platforms as well as soup-to-nuts details on planning a mission, controlling the mission, flying the mission, and processing the data. ASPRS is “The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society” and its members will be evaluating issues such as accuracy and data quality. Technical presenters include David Ward of Silent Falcon, Dr. Bernd Lutz of Multirotor Service Drone, Baptiste Tripard of senseFly, Ruedi Wagner of Leica Geosystems, Wolfgang Juchmann of Velodyne, Antoine Martin of Pix4D, Heather James of Kitware, Dr. Hank Theiss of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, David Dvorak of Field of View, Vince Ambrosia of NASA, Nazlin Kanji of AeroVironment, to name a few. Visionaries such as Chris Anderson of 3D Robotics, Peter Birch of Google, Jonathan Evans of Skyward, Colin Snow of Drone Analysis, and Gerald Kinn of ESRI round out the technical program providing a vision of our UAS future in keeping with the symposium theme of “Change is in the Air”. The speakers listed are a subset of the full list of UAS industry leaders that are part of the technical program. The full list of speaker’s biographies and presentation abstracts are available on the symposium website at http://uasreno/speakers.


UAS developers, sensor manufacturers, software developers, government agencies, survey/mapping firms, agriculture firms, and companies from UAS-related industries are signing up for exhibit space and sponsorships. Exhibitors and sponsors include Velodyne, GeoCue, ESRI, Airware, Aeryon, DroneDeploy, Pix4D, Simactive, Topcon, and Trimble, to name a few. Exhibit space and sponsorship opportunities are still available.

Attendees at the symposium will not be just sitting in their chairs. The program includes networking events, live demos and opportunities for hands-on experiences.

See you in Reno!

To find out more about the symposium, UAS MAPPING 2014 RENO, visit To learn more about ASPRS, visit



The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) is “The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society”, a scientific non-profit association with a mission to advance knowledge and improve understanding of mapping sciences, to promote the responsible applications of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and supporting technologies.

GeoCue to host sUAS Workshop following ASPRS UAS Conference

GeoCue_180x180From GeoCue Group News:

GeoCue Group will host a one day workshop on small Unmanned Aerial Systems production in conjunction with the ASPRS Reno UAS conference. The workshop will be on Thursday, October 23rd (the day following the conference) beginning at 9 AM and ending at 3:30 PM. A working lunch will be provided. Topics to be covered include:

  • Planning an sUAS mission
  • Ground control and check points
  • Uploading the mission plan to the autopilot
  • Flying the mission (simulation only)
  • Quick look analysis using PhotoScan Pro
  • Preprocessing to a point cloud and ortho mosaic using PhotoScan Pro and Pix4D Mapper
  • Quality assurance in LP360 for sUAS
  • Creating analysis and output products using LP360 for sUAS

The workshop will consist of both theoretical considerations as well as numerous workflow demonstrations. We will be showing an overview of how to construct your own sUAS system aimed at small area metric mapping, covering details from telemetry radio selection to vehicle launching and recovery. We will be using data from actual collected projects and will cover the wide range of conditions and errors that affect project outcomes. This workshop will provide attendees with a detailed overview, based on actual experience, of what is and is not possible with this new and exciting technology.

The price of the workshop is $75 and includes lunch. Space is limited and will fill up very quickly so please indicate your intention to attend by sending your contact information to

Content for this post courtesy of GeoCue Corporation